Monday, 23 January 2017

Tricks to Take Care of Your Feet

Having perfect feet, free of corns, hardness and cracked heels is not only exclusive to those who have the time and money to perform frequent pedicures. You can also shine pretty feet by following these inexpensive tricks:

Hot foot bath

Try and have a foot bath at least once a week. Immerse them in hot water with coarse salt for at least half an hour. It is not a great effort since we can do it while we are watching TV, reading a book or just simply relaxing. This simple treatment make for much more rested and calmed feet.

Foot bath with hot and cold water

To complement the previous foot bath, it is good every week or every 15 days to make a little hot bath for a few minutes and then alternate it with a bath of cold water. This operation should be performed three or four times. What is the use of doing this? Bath alternating hot and cold water improves circulation of the feet.

Shoe Insoles

Shoe insoles are the within the shoe ‘floor’ and runs underneath and aids in the support of the base of the foot. Insoles are sometimes also known as foot-beds and inner soles. Shoe insoles are usually easily removed and can be very effective in making a variety of foot pains more bearable.


This is an indispensable element of foot care. This volcanic rock of low density and high porosity, which can be found in supermarkets or outlets of cosmetics and skin care, is essential to get perfect feet. Once a week, after the shower or hot foot bath, scrape with this stone those points of the feet where corns or calluses usually form (heels, areas of friction, etc).

Metatarsal Pads

Metatarsal pads help to extend the transverse arch (which is found behind the ball of your foot), encourage the reappearance of your over-extended toes to their usual anatomical position, and boost the return of your forefoot fat pad to its correct location. Metatarsal Pads can aid conditions like arthritis and sesamoiditis.


Massaging your feet every night with a moisturiser or aromatic oils prevents calluses and provides relaxation. Massage can be performed with both hands and circular movements contributing a little pressure on the feet.

Rolling a ball under our feet

This exercise, so simple, is a technique of massage that is highly recommended. It also improves the circulation of the area.

Exfoliate feet

This trick is for both the feet and the rest of the body. It not only moisturises but also helps remove dead cells due to the friction.

So whether it is a foot bath, a shoe insole, metatarsal pad or pumice, all these little things that do not involve much time or money can help your feet become free from hardness and pain.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Help with Bunions

A bunion (hallux valgus) is a deformity in the joint of the base of the big toe. This protrusion, which causes the big toe to be tilted to the second toe, often causes chafing with shoes, resulting in reddening of the area, thickening of the skin and inflammation, which can be very painful.

If we do not do anything to avoid (such as using gel heel cups) them bunions are not only painful, they can also disfigure the foot, which for a long period of time could eventually interfere with the foot and our way of walking.

Causes of bunions

The development of a bunion can be the result of a hereditary tendency, since people with flat feet are more prone to bunions than other people. However the main cause of bunions are shoes (with a lack of gel based foot products), especially those with high heels and narrow tips without space for the fingers, this being why women are much more prone to bunions than men.

If we do not do anything to avoid them bunions are not only painful, they can also disfigure the foot, which for a long period of time could eventually interfere with the foot and our way of walking.

Treatments and remedies for bunions

Change shoes. If you think you is dating a bunion main thing is to switch to low - gel heeled shoes, ample toe room, and a suitable tip, so that the big toe is not forced against the second finger foot. Also avoid shoes or socks that put pressure on the big toe joint. If possible, consider using sandals or other open shoes.

Using a bunion support or gel heel cup to protect the big toe (or small) shoes and correct its position.

Pamper your feet. Soak your feet in warm water can be a great relief. A gentle massage can also help. Use toe separators. Keep your fingers apart cushions rubbing toes, which provides relief for sore bunions.

Use special templates. The templates tailored to improve bunion support and foot biomechanics are also good to correct and alleviate bunions.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Shoe Pads are Creating a Comfortable Zone for People Who Need Them the Most

Insoles are the trending products that are to be used every time even when the person is not working out because this will keep the feet safe.   

There are many ailments that are noticed in this world and they can occur anytime and at any place. Generally, these are termed as negative physical movements and they affect the inner areas of the body. It has to be prevented because it can harm the body and the condition can get worse anytime. Mostly these ailments are associated with legs because most of the tasks like jogging and dancing cannot be performed with the help of legs and to escape from these proper shoes are required by the people. Shoe Insoles are also to be checked by the people because if this is not correct then the injury that is already creating problems in the feet and the soles can increase that if not selected properly. There are many other options like Metatarsal Pads that are comfortable and provide effective relief to the foot and this will help in better recovery. There are some gel based Shoe Insoles that allow shock absorbent properties and a soft surface that keeps the foot stable while performing physical or any other activities. Therefore, this must be managed effectively and the people must purchase best products so that there is a guarantee of better relaxation.    

Variants of insoles-

It is clear that there are only two types of variants that fall in the category of insoles and they are cushions and arches.

  • Generally the material using in creating arches is sturdy and stiff and there are many styles in which it is made. Apart from this, there are ample designs of this product as well. This provides comfort to the foot with four arches that is the best position in which the foot must be placed.
  • Cushions are obviously made out of soft materials like gel and sponges that are reflexive in nature. These MetatarsalPads can be used with any shoe and they are shock proof as well.
  • The online websites have the option of both soles and the people can easily select the size and order them in one shot.

These are some basic qualities of the insoles that are to be remembered by the people and through this the ailments and injuries can be kept away easily. The leg conditions must be not be ignored because they can be dreadful and the online sites are the effective ways that can render best material in effective price and offers.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Alleviate Your Foot Problems and Walk Freely Using Gel Heel Cups and Bunion Support

Foot and heel support is important as these are the major body parts which enable us to walk, run and stand for longer time. Many times heel get sore and pain due to excess body weight, neurological problem, infection, arthritis or some systematic condition... Mostly, it is believed that heel pain is a mechanical cause due to much pressure on heels while walking and running. Sometimes, heel pain is very severe and people need gel based foot products for the relief. Another very significant method for treating heel pain is orthotics using gel heel cups and insoles. This is a specially formulated cup made from polymer material which is light, soft and resilient. One can place online order according to their size and requirement. provides non-toxic and odor free gel heel cups which have the capacity to absorb shock on heel and provides even and smooth feeling while standing for long, walking and running. This is among a very light solution that provides stability and relief for heel pain along with superior comfort. It may otherwise sound impossible to walk for long time for those who have heel pain. But by the use of the heel cups one can happily think of involving in activities which require long time standing, walking or running. Another worse condition in foot is a bunion which is an unnatural bony hump forming at the base of the big toe attaching to the foot. For this, a bunion support is necessary for the relief and comfort. It is helpful for protecting the prominent bump from shoe friction by providing the cushion through a protective gel fitting over the foot like a sock. Bunion support come in different sizes ensuring a high comfort, you can buy online from

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

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